Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last night

Last night we went to cub scouts. Caleb got to participate in a flag raising ceremony. He was very excited. All the boys did a good job. Caleb is working on citizenship things. It is so nice to see Caleb doing so well. There were times when I didn't know if he would ever learn to talk. Last night all the boys were asked to draw a picture of ways you can help other people and then tell different ways that you could help other people. Caleb was able to do this. It brought a tear to my eye. Other people there had no idea that this would have been impossible just a few years back. I would like to encourage everyone with boys to put them in cub scouts and boy scouts. It is a wonderful program that gives good opportunities to kids.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My son Caleb

Here is a video we posted on u tube. Where you can see how my son Caleb talked at 4 years old and at 9 years old. It shows you how far we have come.


Will you be able to get speech therapy after Obamacare?

When my son was two years old we went to see the pediatrician. I was told not to worry and we would recheck in a few months. This went on until my son was three and then we referred to a speech therapist. It is hard today to get insurance companies to pay for speech therapy. Most insurance companies do not see the critical need to get these children verbal. I worry about what will happen if the government is able to take over our health care. There needs to be health reform but the government is not the ones to do it. The government can't even take care of their post office, public schools, or VA......... This government is spending money like their is no tomorrow. I just worry that our children will be the ones to suffer. We need to be their voice. We need to stand up and demand that speech therapy is CRITICAL to those who need it. We don't want to wait 6 months. We don't want to wait a year. We want our kids to get the medical attention they need TODAY!!!!!!!! If the government takes over our health care system. We will be taxed out the whazoos! Not to mention we will have to wait a long time to get the critical care we need today!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I wish that more health insurances would recognize the imprtance of speech therapy. Our health insurance would only pay for so many speech therapy sessions a year. And most speech therapy sessions are 100$ a session. These sessions are usually 30 min to 45 mins. And they are once to twice a week. We couldn't afford that. The only other option is to give your child over to the public school system and allow them to place a "label" on your child and throw them in special ed classes. Public schools teachers are not taught how to deal with kids that need special attention. Now don't get me wrong. I believe that special ed classes are needed in public schools. There are children with Down's Syndrome and other things that need these special ed classes. But what about children that have average IQs? Why should my son be thrown in the special ed class just because he didn't speak as well as the other kids. Even though he places at his grade level on testing. Even though my son does his school work and learns very quickly. Think about the damage it does to the young mind. To tell them they aren't smart enough. It crushes their dreams and makes them feel limited. I want my son to know that he is very smart. And that he can do anything he wants to do.