Sunday, February 28, 2010

Caleb's follow up with natural doctor

We found out that Caleb has the start of a stomach ulcer and some bad bacteria. So he is on some natural medication to treat that. We found out that Caleb has food allergies to wheat, dairy, gluten, etc... The special diet we have put him on seems to be helping. Now if we can just get these other things lined out. My Grandma has been recieving these news letters from Dr. Wright at the Tahoma Clinic for years. She kept telling me that we needed to take Caleb. I am so glad that we did. We went to the pediatrician and got no help. Caleb's speech delay has always been strange. I never understood why some days he talks good and other days not good. On good days I would feel at peace thinking everything was going to be ok. Then on the bad days I would cry and feel helpless. I know autistic children who have been healed by a special diet. Caleb is not autistic. I will let you know if this helps. Our health insurance does not pay for natural doctors. We spent 1,000$ at the Tahoma Clinic. This was for a few tests, 2 hour consultation, and two follow up visits. And all the information we learned about our son was well worth it.